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These are the strangest days in the history of the franchise. The pandemic affects everyone on planet earth. So, that alone makes this a far-from business-as-usual NFL season. Now we have an 0-4 start, tying for third worst in Texans history, combined with the earliest coaching change in Texans history.

Cal McNair wanted to turn things around immediately, so he went to Romeo Crennel, who has had success as an interim coach before. As the head coach in Cleveland, he still holds the record for wins in a season (10) since the Browns came back into the league in 1999.

Since the O'Brien dismissal, everyone on the outside is weighing in with all sorts of opinions about the Texans' past present and future. Crennel's job (I SO just want to write 'Romeo' or 'RAC' when referring to him but that's not proper journalism. And save your eye-rolls about this being journalism. I'm workin' here!) is to make sure the squad stays focused on one thing – Jacksonville.

It's interesting that the only two interim coaches the Texans have had are two of the greatest defensive coordinators in the NFL history in Wade Phillips and Crennel. The interim stint didn't work out for Wade, who was unable to get the Texans in the win column in the final five games of the lost 2013 season.

RAC (Okay, I went there) is in a different situation. These Texans have a lot of talent and 12 games left to do damage. In those 12, they have all their divisional games left and they already got through the gauntlet of K.C., Baltimore and Pittsburgh. They, of course, didn't win those but the schedule looks at least slightly more palatable than it did in the first three weeks.

One more thing about Romeo (first name basis now!). He's impossible not to like. And a fun fact – he was on the staff at Texas Tech in the mid 70s with Bill Parcells.

Another personal note – VanderKid was watching The Two Bills 30 for 30 film and when Crennel appeared on screen he thought it was monumentally exciting. You'd think Watson just hit Fuller for a touchdown.

That is all. Can't wait for Sunday!

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