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On Sunday we'll get our first real taste of what the 2021 Texans will be like.

You'll have to pardon me using the food metaphor. I was at the 'What’s New at NRG Stadium' event today and the food was amazing. The Texans organization always pulls out the stops to make gameday extra special.

Ok, back to football. We saw some good things in the preseason like getting after the quarterback, getting takeaways and averaging more than 4.5-yards per pop on the ground.

It would be terrific for these things to continue into the regular season. Head Coach David Culley told the media this week that what you saw in August was basically the foundation for what the Texans will be.

"The three preseason games have been important for that reason because what ends up happening is what we showed in the preseason is who we are… We are not going to do anything differently than we did during those preseason games and hopefully, what we did, we can do better." He said.

Before you wonder 'Hey, won't they run more elaborate stuff in the regular season?' remember that starting QB Tyrod Taylor threw the ball only 18 times total in three games. He completed 12 of them for a 66% completion rate, which you'll take every time. But 18 passes is hardly indicative of everything Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly has in the playbook. Same with the running plays with whoever might start on the line and in the backfield.

Defensively, it's the same way. Yes, the Texans showed everyone a few examples of how they want to be known but there's no way Associate Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Lovie Smith emptied the vault in the games that don't count.

As the team voice, I get interviewed by media around the country. People ask me what the Texans will be like. I channel my inner Coach Culley in these situations. The Texans will look to be disruptive on defense and generate takeaways. On offense, they'll run it, throw for a high percentage and as the late Hank Stram once said, "matriculate the ball down the field."

OK, Coach Culley never actually said those things but that's my interpretation.

Remember the two Tom Brady drives in the Tampa Bay game? Yes, they were impressive. But also impressive in its own way was the Texans 18 play, 10 minute drive sandwiched in between. Yes, they didn't score because their kicker was unavailable. And yes, they are determined to finish drives across the goal line. But holding the ball for 10 minutes on the defending Super Bowl champs showed you a little glimpse of the way they would like to operate.

It's almost here. Opening day in the NFL. A division showdown with against an upstart squad. Get your tickets here. Let's get ready to rock.

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