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The Texans backfield added a new member this week so I thought it was important to add a new article about the backfield.  

Rex Burkhead joined the crew that includes Mark Ingram, Phillip Lindsey, Buddy Howell, Scottie Phillips, Dontrell Hilliard and, of course, David Johnson. 

Before we get to what Burkhead adds to the mix it's interesting to put some of David Johnson's numbers out there. We all know the Texans need to run the ball a whole lot better than they did in 2020. But what if I told you (doesn't that sound like I'm beginning a 30 for 30 Film? "What if I told you…") that David Johnson averaged 4.7 yards last season?  

Okay, this is not exactly an All-Pro stat but it's middle of the pack and in front of backs like David Montgomery, James Robinson, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, James Conner and Kareem Hunt. It's also the top number of all the backs on the Texans roster.  

Johnson's bouts with a concussion and the COVID-19 list slowed him down but when he got back into the line up he was a more productive player, averaging over 130 yards from scrimmage in his last three games. 

Burkhead can run, catch and play special teams. He got hurt against the Texans last year but still has the tools to battle for meaningful snaps here on all four downs.  

It'll be interesting to see how the carries are split during camp and in the preseason games. These are veterans, so you want to be careful, yet the coaches need to know what they have.  

The Texans have a lot to choose from in the running back stable and they look better up front with their changes in the interior of the O-line. They did more zone-blocking at the end of last season, which fit Johnson's style more.  

It's too early for them to reveal what their ultimate plans are for the attack. It's safe to say they'll be better on the ground. How much better remains to be seen. But it appears they have the personnel to make a big jump in this very crucial category of the offense.

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