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Special Teams GOAT Talk

Who To Root For (1) 2

I noticed this post on Twitter from the Texans social media crew and immediately wanted to get in on the discussion. Good thing I have a radio show!

John Harris and I went to work to talk about who is the Special Teams G.O.A.T. for the Texans. Better yet, who's second, or at least deserves to be in the conversation - because Jon Weeks is the man!

With 210 consecutive games played, Weeks is the team record holder among all positions and, more importantly, he does his job as Long Snapper extremely well.

Johnny and I brought up other names of note. Shane Lechler had a Hall of Fame career and his years with the Texans from 2013-2017 were terrific.

Ka'imi Fairbairn has made some important kicks, like beating Buffalo in a playoff game, an SNF win over Dallas in overtime in 2018 and the OT winner against the Colts the week before. These weren't long field goals but they were clutch. He also has the longest field goal in team history, a 61-yard bomb against Seattle in '21.

I will say that original Texans place kicker Kris Brown made some big ones. He kicked a 49-yard field goal to knock off Kansas City on the road in '04, a 57-yard boot to down Miami in '07 and a 40 yarder to defeat the Packers in three degree weather in '08.

And let's not ever forget about the 48 yard kick that enabled the Texans to beat Indy for the first time ever on Christmas Eve in '06.

Things didn't go as well for Brown in '09 but we'll choose to remember the good times.

Let's look at the return game. Jacoby Jones has four returns for TDs as a Texan, a team record. Three of them were punt returns. Andre Davis and Jerome Mathis have three each. Two of the TDs for Davis came in the same game, the season finale vs. Jacksonville in '07.

Houston was fighting to finish .500 for the first time. The Jags were on their way to the playoffs and didn't need the game. But reserve QB Quin Gray threw for

over 300 yards and it was a battle. Davis' scores helped the Texans to a 14-point victory.

Mathis, with two returns for TD's in '05, is the only Texans special teamer, other than Weeks, to make a Pro Bowl. Lechler went seven times but never as a Texan.

So there you have it. Jon Weeks is the Texans Special Teams G.O.A.T. But he's got good company in the conversation.

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