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Sunday's Lechler-Campbell reunion an unlikely one


Each and every week well before kickoff, I often see players and/or coaches from the Texans and their opponent warmly greeting each other. It's seemingly become a time-honored tradition for a Texans player or coach to find a former teammate, former coach or college friend on the other sideline.

But, in Sunday's matchup with the Dolphins, there will be a greeting that doesn't even seem possible on the surface. Two Texas A&M roommates will meet, well, I think they'll meet, at some point as head coach of one team and player on the other.

Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell will, at some point, shake the hand of his former roommate and good friend Shane Lechler, punter for the Houston Texans.

I've tried to think, for as long as I've followed football, if two college teammates have ever met as head coach/opposing team player. I'd imagine it's happened at some point, but off the top of my thick skull, I can't remember it ever happening.

Even this meeting has taken a certain amount of kismet to happen. But, it will in Miami on Sunday. Both have had such good things to say about each other this week, but knowing them, they'll not be satisfied until the other is vanquished at the end of 60 minutes.

I've known Billy Liucci, co-owner of TexAgs, for years and he's told me all kinds of stories about his roommates. But, I'm sure even he couldn't have imagined his pals would ever meet in a coach/player capacity like this.

Weird though it may be, Sunday will come and go for the two Aggies. My only wish is that Metallica's James Hetfield could be in Miami to celebrate with them. It's a Dan-tallica thing, really.

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