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Teaching is "most important" for Texans assistant coaches | Daily Brew

David Culley is the Texans new Head Coach, and he's already started assembling his staff of assistant coaches.

Those hires won't likely be announced for awhile, as the Texans typically wait until the entire staff is complete before issuing a press release. There have been reports about notable NFL coaching veterans coming to Houston to join Culley and the Texans.

Regardless of the assistants' names, Culley is very clear on one thing: it's "most important" he and his fellow coaches are excellent teachers.

"Teaching first, communicating second," Culley said in a Texans TV interview. "A good teacher is a good communicator."

Culley, who was an NFL Assistant under Head Coaches Sam Wyche, Bill Cowher, Andy Reid, Sean McDermott and John Harbaugh, relies on something he learned in 1983 coaching for Bill Oliver at Tennessee-Chattanooga. The college Head Coach then, boiled the teaching aspect of coaching down for Culley in a simple manner.

"It's getting guys to do what you want them to do," Culley said. "Whatever it is you're trying to get done with a player, if you want him to go out there and you want him to be able to run this route this way, or you want him to be able to throw this ball that way, then the reflection of him doing that is a reflection of you getting him to do what you want done."

Culley and General Manager Nick Caserio are in the process of hiring assistants, evaluating the current roster, available free agents, and getting set for the Draft. The Texans currently own eight selections in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The first day of offseason conditioning as a team is April 5.

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