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Texans and Titans – It's On!  | Daily Brew


OK, the 24-hour rule has expired. We all need to get over what happened Sunday and gear up for Tennessee. I should really be specific here that the players and coaches need to. You can do what you like.

But allow me to recommend turning your attention to the Titans. There have been many significant moments in the all-time series between these teams. We won't list them all. The important thing is that the Titans are suddenly hot, and getting a lot of national attention for their Monday night upset win over the Dolphins.

Miami saw their speedy receiver Tyreek Hill get banged up and they had trouble moving the ball after that. Sound familiar?

If you think about it, this was a big upset week in the NFL. Also last night, Tommy Devito (who?) and the New York Giants knocked off a hot Green Bay team at the Meadowlands. Both New York squads, mired in difficult seasons came up with big wins in the same building in a 32-hour span.

The Meadowlands is interesting this way. The press box was decked out in Jets wall pics on Sunday. They unscrew them, flip and reattached when the Jets play. This kind of turnover occurs all over the stadium.

Anyway, we're done with that place until next year, when the Texans go back. And notice how I didn't jump on to the whole 'Tommy Devito's agent looks like he just walked off the set of the Soprano's' theme (but I wanted to).

The Bears and Patriots also logged big upsets in Week 14. The Texans will just have to get over the L fast and prepare for a rivalry that is getting extra fuel this week with high stakes and Oilers uniforms being worn by the enemy.

John Harris and I broke that news to coach DeMeco Ryans. He got all fired up about it. We also reminisced about his time playing the Titans. Of course Courtland Finnegan's name came up

Speaking of Finnegan, every time we put out a poll about Andre Johnson's best moments, so many people want to put that on top. It used to bother me but I have some fresh perspective on it now.

If you need to be refamiliarized with the incident, here it is. 

The fresh look came when I was watching the excellent documentary Facing Nolan, about the great Nolan Ryan. For an eight time all star hall of famer, who's thrown seven no hitters and won a World Series, the picture he signs the most is of his beat-down of Robin Ventura. Here's the vid.

So, now I feel like Andre is in great company if some people want to list a fight as his best moment. In any case, it's a huge bullet point in the 22-year rivalry between the Texans and Titans. I have a personal favorite but will save it for Friday.

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