Texans as Superheroes

Late on Thursday night, I saw a tweet from good pal and Houston Texans Digital Media Director Eric San Inocencio, asking whether seeing the Avenger 2: Age of Ultron in 3D was worth it. After three long days of the draft, I hadn't seen my son much so I thought I'd take my son to see it last Saturday. Then, my daughter wanted in too, so it was perfect. I took them to see the late night 3D showing of Avengers 2 and they loved it.

But, when I saw Eric's tweet last night, it got me thinking about Texans as Superheroes. So, let's have a little fun on this "Rookie Mini-camp Friday".

Superman is JJ Watt. Faster than a speeding bullet? Stronger than a locomotive? Able to leap buildings in a single bound (seen his 61" box jump)? Clark Kent off the field? Yeah, that works.

Thor has to be Jared Crick, no? The Nordic look. Being of Norse god descent. I'll let Crick be Thor although he needs to let the hair grow a bit to truly fit the look.

The Incredible Hulk is definitely Brian Cushing, from this standpoint. He's probably the most calm, serene guy I've met off the field that becomes a completely different individual on the field.

Spider Man is without question DeAndre Hopkins. Seen that guy's hands? He could use those things to climb walls and swing from spider web to spider web.

Ironman is Johnathan Joseph. Nothing slows him and he's one of the smartest superheroes on the block. Tony Stark in football pads.

Batman is Duane Brown. Working in complete darkness and anonymity, Brown saves Gotham (QB) from the villains of the city (pass rushers). So, does that make Derek Newton his Robin? Nah, we won't put that on Newt.

Green Lantern, yeah, well...moving on. Is he actually a Superhero?

Captain America is Shane Lechler. Proud American. Great Texan (I don't even know where Captain America was from, but I'm assuming it was from Texas). The football he punts is his CA shield.

And, of course, Nick Fury has to be Bill O'Brien, the supposed leader of the bunch. Coach O'Brien has use of both his eyes though; however, I'm imagining him walking into a team meeting with an eye patch. It could work...well on second thought, perhaps not.

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