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Texans Look to Change Vikings Series History  | Daily Brew

Drew Dougherty already wrote this week about having all three Texans head coaches in the building on Sunday. So I'll leave that alone. Sort of.

And I don't mean to be Debbie Downer but the Texans are 0-4 against the Vikings and all three head coaches have had a hand in it.

Dom Capers actually coached the closest game between these squads. It was an overtime loss in the midst of a five game stretch in 2004. The Texans were victorious in the other four games.

Randy Moss had five catches for 90 yards in that game but it was often-forgotten Marcus Robinson who went off, with 150 receiving yards including the game winner in OT.

David Carr threw for a career high 372 yards, a rare 300+ yard day for David. Andre Johnson had one of his all-time highlight reel catches with a helicopter TD reception in the south end zone that we will see until the end of time.

The other games against Minny were forgettable. In 2008, the Texans got all they could handle at the Metrodome. In 2016, Brock Osweiler and the Texans were overwhelmed in the new Vikings stadium as chants of 'Skol" echoed through the stands.

But the most damaging loss was week 16 of 2012. If the Texans won one of their final two games they would clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. The Vikings, led by Christian Ponder, were too much that day. A week later the Colts were their usual impolite hosts and sent the Texans to the Wild Card round.

Okay, let's cheer this party up. Streaks are meant to be broken. And very few players currently on either roster have a clue about the games I just mentioned.

It's all about getting better, getting some juice from the hometown crib and getting that first victory of 2020. Let's go!

Check out some photos from the Houston Texans practice.

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