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Texans offensive line coming together under James Campen | Daily Brew

The Houston Texans began Phase 2 of their offseason workout program this week, combining veterans and rookies on the field for work.

The Texans offensive line had a number of changes this offseason with the addition of veterans Marcus Cannon, Justin Britt, Justin McCray, Lane Tayler, Cole Toner and a pair of rookies from Texas A&M, Ryan McCollum and Carson Green. Leading the group are new offensive line coach James Campen and assistant offensive line coach Robert Kugler. Returning veterans include two-time Pro Bowler Laremy Tunsil, Tytus Howard, Max Scharping, Roderick Johnson and second-year offensive lineman Charlie Heck.

"I think we're already gelling up front," Britt said. "I think there's great leadership in the room with myself, Marcus Cannon and Lane Taylor. Max Scharping is as bright as they get here with his knowledge in the offense. L.T. (Laremy Tunsil), Tytus (Howard), you go on and on, Cole Toner. You could literally go on and on. Everyone in the room is sharp. The two rookies they brought in are sharp and technically sound. It's going to be a fun room. It's going to be a competitive room, a smart room. One that can and will do what it can to lead this team to victory. We understand that it starts up front and we understand that we are the heartbeat of the offense and we take that pride."

His players call him "Camp." For veteran offensive lineman Justin Britt, Campen was one of the reasons to sign with Houston this offseason.

"I love that he played center and he played center for a pretty good quarterback back in Green Bay," Britt said. "He has a lot of knowledge. I think him having Robert Kugler in the room too is awesome. That's part of the reason why I signed here, is because 'Camp' was the o-line coach and my first conversation with him, it just felt promising. It kind of seemed like we were both on the same page."

Campen brings 18 years of NFL coaching experience in his first year with the team. He also played center for seven NFL seasons (1987-1993), starting for the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints.

The 2021 Houston Texans rookies hit the field for the first time today.

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