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Texans, Taylor and TV Takes | Daily Brew


It's the Bye, so I thought I'd check in with Texans Preseason TV play-by-play man Kevin Kugler on the weekly VanderPod.

You also know Kevin from doing games on FOX. In fact, he was at the mic in front of the second biggest TV audience of the year, behind the Super Bowl. Jet's- Eagles last week drew over 26 million viewers.


Because there was a rumor that Taylor Swift would be at the game. Of course Travis Kelce wasn't playing but his brother was. And Swift is a Philly area native. She never showed but the TV viewers did and saw New York upset the Eagles. The Texans will visit the Jets December 10.

Kugler also talks about his best games this year and, more importantly, how people around the league, in his travels, perceive the Texans. I asked him about sitting in a production meeting with Robert Saleh and doing the same with DeMeco Ryans in the preseason.

We also discuss college hoops, the Masters and the College World Series, because he does all these events.

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