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Texans vs. Bears, Week 14 | Harris Hits

The Texans suffered the worst loss of the season at Chicago on Sunday. Here are my Harris Hits from that defeat.

With three games to go in the season, unearthing gems on the field that can impact the 2021 season, and beyond, is incredibly valuable. As such, we saw running back Buddy Howell produce some quality snaps running the football with decisiveness and north/south traction. He started the day as a guy who was third string with only five carries in his NFL career. He finished the day leading the Texans in rushing yardage 42 yards on 11 carries after just one half of football. It's not earth shattering numbers, but he did do it in just one half of play. As I said, what potential future gems can the Texans find over the last few weeks of the season, in addition to some wins? Howell, at least, threw his hat into the ring at the running back position.

Cornerback Keion Crossen finished the day with a career high nine tackles and the one thing that everyone loves about Crossen is that he's a high motor/high energy guy ALL THE TIME. He competes in everything he does and it didn't matter what the score was on Sunday, he kept coming. He made a couple of sweet plays on the ball covering star receiver Allen Robinson II and he could see some more time on the field over the last few weeks for certain.

Receiver Steven Mitchell Jr. has been in Houston, on and off the practice squad, for three years. He finished the day with three catches for 38 yards, two of his three grabs went for a first down. It wasn't really any receiver's day on Sunday, but Mitchell Jr. made the most of an opportunity with a few big catches on the day. The one where he had to go low to make the catch for a first down was excellent receiver work, no doubt.

Drew Dougherty and I have this discussion point on our podcast In The Lab called "What if I told ya?" It's our way of looking back at things that happened during the week's previous game. I asked Marc and Andre during the game…"What if I told ya...that the Texans would run for 100+ yards against the Bears?" It's a complicated question in some sense because there's so much more than one certain thing in a football game but when the Texans ran for over 100 yards, it typically leads to a GREAT result. It didn't this time, unfortunately.

I don't really have much more for this one as it was the most disappointing loss since last year's debacle against Denver. So, I'll call it a short one and move on to Indianapolis next week. See ya then, everyone.

Check out photos from the Texans Week 14 game against the Chicago Bears.

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