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The Last One | Daily Brew

This title was stolen from the final episode of Friends. They named all the episodes with the word 'One' in the title (how many is that? Like a billion?). - Like, 'The One where Ross and Rachel break up' (wasn't that yearly?).

Anyway, this is it for the 2020 campaign. After all that's happened this particular season there'd be no better way to go out than to ruin the hopes and dreams of your archrivals, the Titans.

Tennessee needs the game to win the division unless the Colts lose to the Jags. Let's pretend that Colts loss doesn't happen (don't snicker, it happened opening day). But there's a reasonable chance the Titans need the game just to make the playoffs at all.

If the Bills lose to Miami, Colts beat Jacksonville and the Ravens beat the Bengals, then Tennessee must win on Sunday to get in. Miami needs the win to make it. The Bills don't and the game might not even impact their seeding. The Ravens have to get a win to punch their ticket. That sets the stage for a win-or-else for the Titans, with the Texans standing in the way.

Deshaun Watson has put up huge numbers against Tennessee including a head-turning 8.9 yards per attempt in five meetings, with 14 touchdowns with a high protein completion rate of 73%.

But Watson's stats are just part of the recipe. You can't make pancakes without the flour AND the eggs. If the Texans ground game, which was held to 92 yards in the last Titans game, can rise up like it did against Cincinnati, that could take a lot of pressure off the Houston defense.

Derrick Henry should be in the MVP conversation. In fact, if the Titans win and he has a big game, I'll say it - he should BE the MVP.

Everyone knows the good teams are a lot worse without their starting quarterback. But the Titans without Henry likely don't have this opportunity this weekend. Name another playoff team that if you removed a non-QB is almost certainly not in the playoffs. I'll wait.

Henry is like the cliché on Michael Jordan in the 90s; you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him. Here's hoping the Texans can slow him down, like they did at Tennessee in 2019, and somehow get off the field enough on third down.

It's a tall order but we'll be watching and listening as the Texans hope to go out on a high note before a new era begins.

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