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So many of the play by play guys have been calling non-sports action on social media during the lockdown. I've seen everything from Joe Buck describing dog wrestling to British soccer announcers calling the action of socially distant park walkers.

I know it's going to be fun calling games with the new Texans offense so I asked my 14-year-old son if he could put the team together on Madden. Then, the Texans decided to give away Madden codes on social media. Suddenly, VanderKid had a real life job to do.

He usually plays the Ultimate Madden version where you can construct an all-time team. He has Michael Vick at quarterback, Eric Dickerson at running back and Randy Moss as his top receiver.

All of that was tempting. But I was looking for 2020 players under contract with the local franchise.

He told me that to makes things quick and easy he constructed the team in arcade mode (whatever that is). We decided it would be fun to play the Titans at NRG Stadium.

Before I knew it, there they were, the 2020 Texans. Deshaun Watson was heaving home runs to Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb. I suggested we leave Will Fuller out of the highlights since we know what he can do. This was about the new guys.

The video is filled with David Johnson juking defenders and Cobb and Cooks going deep. I did the play by play and our video producer, Joe Pallas, piped in crowd noise.

It wasn't exactly the real thing but it gave me a taste of saying the names in the flow of the offense. The thought of Watson being able to throw out of the backfield to David Johnson or Cooks getting wide open on a play fake, is very appetizing.

If we stay on track, the preseason begins in 15 weeks and we'll get to see these players in action for real. Let's hope that happens on schedule.

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