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This week, one thing that popped up on my Twitter timeline came from a Major League Baseball player star. I believe it was Javy Baez, All-Star infielder, who put together his all-time Starting 9 to win one game. He picked, in his opinion, the lineup card that he thought was the ultimate one to win one game.

I've always loved that concept and it's something I've done through my Ultimate 11 over the years. So, I applied that concept, so to speak, to Texans All-Access with Marc Vandermeer. We did our Wednesday Night Draft and each drafted our ultimate offense to win one NFL game. Alternating draft picks, here's what I came up with.

The John Harris Ultimate NFL Team:

QB - John Elway

RB - Barry Sanders

Weapon X - Marshall Faulk

WR - Randy Moss

WR - Larry Fitzgerald

TE - Rob Gronkowski

LT - Jonathan Ogden

LG - Alan Faneca

C - Dermontti Dawson

RG - Bruce Matthews

RT - Walter Jones

I wanted versatility all over my offense so I took a tight end (Gronk) who lined up a ton at receiver. I drafted a Weapon X (Faulk) who could play slot receiver and running back with equal success. I drafted the best downfield weapon in the history of the game (Moss). Then, I drafted Elway, a guy that I wasn't always a fan of, but with a multiple offense, I wanted the opportunity to run some different things with him at quarterback. Think Deshaun Watson meets Patrick Mahomes and that's what Elway could've given me.

Marc came in with his team, led by Dan Marino and Andre Johnson, but I know that my squad would absolutely light up the scoreboard and get that precious win. His team would too, but mine is just a step least in my own opinion, of course.

We've been cranking out Texans All-Access and that was one of our segments from last Wednesday. Be sure to check us out live at 6 p.m. each weeknight as we continue to broadcast from our homes and give you Texans/NFL talk through this extraordinary time in our American history. Thanks so much to all of you! Stay safe and be well.

The Houston Texans roster in photos.

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