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Tom Petty said "the waiting is the hardest part." In football, winning is the hardest part. For the Texans, naming a new coach will be another important step in that direction.

We are indeed waiting for the introduction of the 4th head coach in the history of this franchise

Dom Capers was actually hired 18 months before he'd ever hold a training camp. Knowing Coach Capers, a year before kickoff he likely had all the practices mapped out along with the meal plan, pregame speech content and in-flight movies for the road trips.

Side Note: Back in the day, there was only one movie at a time shown on flights. Remember that? For the Texans trips, we'd all watch the same flick. I remember when some guys started bringing devices to watch their own movies. We looked in amazement like we were seeing the contents of the Pulp Fiction briefcase.

Anyway, the timing of this looks similar to when the Texans hired Gary Kubiak in 2006, right after the Broncos lost the AFC Championship game. Kubiak, who was also interviewed for the job when Capers got it, had a tremendous run as Denver's Offensive Coordinator, including two Super Bowl wins.

When Bill O'Brien was hired, it was right after the season and the news leaked out the night before the finale. Penn State had back to back winning seasons but was still not allowed to go 'bowling.' The press conference was held before Wild Card weekend.

The Texans weren't publicizing candidates then. Now there are tweets going out with candidates' names. In '06, some candidates were made available to the media. I distinctly remember an informal press gathering with then-receivers coach, and head coach candidate, Kippy Brown in the lobby.

The current list of candidates looks impressive and you get the feeling there might be more than one right answer here, as is often the case. We're all waiting for the big moment and more momentum toward getting back to winning football.

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