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Top Ten Outside and Slot Dominant Wide Receiver Prospects in the NFL Draft | Daily Brew

The Harris 100, version 2.0, is soon to be in all of your inboxes as we inch ever so closely to the 2021 NFL Draft. Of course, to be fully prepared for Draft weekend, I decided to extend the Harris 100 to the Harris 250 because I could and it made for more thorough preparation for Draft weekend. I figured I'd give you my Top ten to 15 players at positions throughout the next few weeks starting with the wide receivers.

Outside/X- receivers

1. Ja'Marr Chase, LSU (6-0 ⅜, 201 lb. - # 2 overall)

The best receiver in this, and many other classes. Hands, speed, competitiveness - he has the full complement of skills to succeed at this position for a long time.

2. DeVonta Smith, Alabama (6-1, 170 lb., # 4 overall)

The Slim Reaper was the 2020 Heisman winner, aided in some sense by a season crippling injury to Jaylen Waddle. Either way, other than size, he's the complete package.

4. Terrace Marshall, LSU (6-2 ⅝, 205 lb., # 43 overall)

Marshall ran 4.40 at 205 lb. and could find his way into the first round. He was the go-to guy in 2020 and didn't disappoint when he was on the field.

5. Rashod Bateman, Minnesota (6-0 ⅜, 190 lb., # 49 overall)

Originally thought to be in the 6-2, 210 lb. range, Bateman had a tough 2020, but is super talented and smoked a 4.39 in the 40 at his Pro Day.

6. Dyami Brown, North Carolina (6-0 ⅝, 189 lb. , # 65 overall)

Say it with me, folks - DEEEEEP Threat. Brown is a vertical dynamo and should have a chance to make some 20+ yard explosive plays in the near future.

7. Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State (5-11, 193 lb., # 73 overall)

Would it surprise me if Wallace caught 75-80 passes every year of his career? Nope.

8. Josh Palmer, Tennessee (6- 1 ¼, 210 lb., # 91 overall)

Fell in absolute love with Palmer at the Senior Bowl - big, physical, excellent hands and speed (4.52 at 210 lb.)

9. Seth Williams, Auburn (6-3, 211 lb., # 93 overall)

See Palmer above with nearly two more inches and just as fast or faster (4.50). I think his overall game, though, needs a bit more polish than Palmer's, hence his ranking two spots lower.

10. Tamorrion Terry, Florida State (6-2 ¾, 207 lb., # 114 overall)

Now, this dude is SUPER talented, but there were some off the field issues that provide a little murkier picture. However, he ran 4.44 at his Pro Day to get everyone taking an even closer look at Terry, yet again.

Slot dominant/Weapon X receivers

1. Jaylen Waddle, Alabama (5-10, 182 lb., # 6 overall)

Had he not gotten injured, he may have gotten the attention that DeVonta Smith got in 2020. E-LEC-TRIC and a Houstonian - gotta love that for sure!

2. Kadarius Toney, Florida (5-11 ⅝, 193 lb., # 19 overall)

Put Toney in my offense and I'll find ways to get him the ball 12-15 times a game and that won't be good at all for any offense.

3. Rondale Moore, Purdue (5-7, 180 lb., # 26 overall)

Same goes for Moore as Toney, but he might end up more in the backfield in the future. I know this much, when he has the ball in his hands he might put more pressure on defenders than anyone not named Jaylen Waddle on this list.

4. Elijah Moore, Ole Miss (5-8 185 lb., # 44 overall)

I think he's criminally underrated. Put him with one of the great offenses in the league in 2021 and he could catch 80 passes from the slot. 4.35 speed with glue sticks for hands? Yes sir!

5. Tutu Atwell, Louisville (5-8 ⅞, 155 lb., # 72 overall)
He's tiny, now, but he scares every defensive back on the field when he's lined up anywhere, really. Atwells is a true deep threat from the slot 

6. D'Wayne Eskridge, Western Michigan (5-8 ¾, 190 lb., # 85 overall)

Eskridge dominated the Senior Bowl's defensive backs throughout the week. He'll attack in the run game as a blocker. He'll turn slot corners right around with his speed and routes. He'll run away from everyone.

7. Cade Johnson, South Dakota State (5-10 ⅜, 186 lb., # 89 overall)

Remember the song Smooth from Santana and Rob Thomas? Okay, well, that song was written about Johnson. Not really, but it feels that way. He's a tremendous route runner with excellent hands and toughness to live in the middle of the field.

8. Amari Rodgers, Clemson (5-9 ½, 212 lb., # 105 overall)

Rodgers spent part of his Pro Day taking hand-offs as a running back and it wouldn't surprise me if he eventually played a true hybrid/Weapon X role in the future. He'll excel in that role for sure.

9. Jaelon Darden, North Texas (5-7 ⅝, 174 lb., # 113 overall)

Darden will make you miss in a phone booth and has dynamic "get him the ball" qualities that should overcome his lack of size at the next level.

10. Amon-Ra St. Brown, USC (5-11 ½, 197 lb., # 123 overall)

I like St. Brown, but just not as much as some others. I thought he was a little easier to cover than the other receivers above him in the Harris 100. Would it surprise me, though, to see him be a ten year player in the league? Nope, not at all. He'll compete now, but he lacks a little juice that I'd like to see him feature in his game.

11. Austin Watkins, UAB (6-1 ½, 207 lb., # 133 overall)

Watkins spent the majority, if not, the entire week playing in the slot at the Senior Bowl. He had some "HOLY COW" moments and a few he'd like to forget. But, man, I really like the potential he possesses at the slot receiver position in the future.

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