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Houston Texans

TORO Takes the Bull Out of Bullying


TORO Takes the BULL Out of Bullying presented by NOV is an educational and entertaining assembly to teach elementary students how to recognize different types of bullying and prevent bullying from happening at their school. The program includes a 45 minute interactive assembly program, an activity book for each student and other great prizes. TORO and Ryan, the show host, discuss how students can put an end to bullying at your school with help from some of TORO's friends who virtually call into the program from NRG Stadium. Your students will learn how to differentiate and identify the 4 types of bullying: Big Mouth Bullying, Hands On Bullying, Stay Out Bullying and Cyber Bullying, while also learning about the different roles people play in bullying: the bully, the one being bullied, kids who help the bully and kids who do nothing about the bully . To close out the show, TORO gives some tips on how to deal with bullying by using BULL, an acronym that stands for: Be confident, Use your voice, Leave and Look out for others.

Check out some photos from TORO's school program, TORO Takes the Bull Out of Bullying presented by NOV.

Throughout the lifetime of the TORO Takes the BULL Out of Bullying program, the Texans have impacted over 100,000 students with the help from NOV. Their partnership helps us provide the program at no cost to 30 different schools each year. Nominations are accepted year-round and the shows launch in October, which is Bully Prevention Month. Nominate your school today for a chance to win a free TORO Takes the BULL Out of Bullying program from the Houston Texans and NOV!

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