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Trade chatter discussed by Romeo Crennel | Daily Brew

With the Texans five games under .500, and trade chatter swirling on social media, interim head coach Romeo Crennel spoke about the subject during a Monday press conference.

Crennel, who's now coached three games after replacing Bill O'Brien, covered a range of topics during his morning Zoom meeting with the media. Multiple times he was asked questions that dealt with Houston at the NFL trade deadline, which is Tuesday, November 3. While Crennel didn't mention specific players, or possible deals, he explained a bit about his role in the entire process.

"They'll come to me and we'll sit down and we'll make a decision about what we think is best for the team," Crennel said. "I've been informed of some possibilities but nothing definite right now."

The Packers beat the Texans, 35-20, on Sunday at NRG Stadium. In addition to the losing, Crennel acknowledged that the trade deadline might be on the minds of some players.

"Oh, sure," Crennel said. "I think players like the security of knowing that they're going to be on the team and they don't have to uproot family and move and stuff like that. So, with this situation the way it is, I think that it might be more on their mind this year than it would be any other year. I've talked to them and tried to reassure them that I'm not looking to trade guys, but human nature is human nature. Until the trade deadline passes, some guys are going to be worried and thinking about it."

Crennel is intent on winning with the players currently on the roster. But as a veteran coach who's spent the better part of four decades in the League, he's also realistic, and knows other franchises might have interest in particular Texans.

"I know the record doesn't say that we are very good, and we are what the record says we are, but we do have some talent," Crennel said. "I think other teams realize that and they would like to get their hands on it. But most of the time in this situation, they're offering peanuts and not offering legitimate trade value."

The Texans are off this weekend, and will return to action Sunday, November 8, at Jacksonville.

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