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VanderBlog: Texans and Dolphins Meet Again 


This is going to be fun. The Texans 'starters' will play and they're facing a true playoff contender that could make a lot of noise if they get to the post season healthy. 

There's a lot of pressure on everybody in the NFL, but especially the Dolphins, who haven't won a playoff game in 23 years. 

The Texans have plenty of history with this franchise, including beating them in the first seven meetings. 

The thing about this series I like best is the Andre Johnson involvement. Yes, he was at practice this week watching the two teams tangle.

Johnson grew up in South Florida as a Miami fan and his pro debut was right there, basically in his old neighborhood, as the Texans upset the Dolphins on opening day, 2003.

But his biggest game against them came in 2008. The Texans were desperate for victory, coming off the 'Rosencopter' game and in need of breaking a four game losing streak to start the season.

It was about to be five, but Dre converted a 4th and 10 with an incredible reception that's one of his greatest plays ever. Check out the highlights of that afternoon here. The roof was open, relatively early in the season, because it was damaged during Hurricane Ike.

The number 50 comes into play as Miami visits. That's because it's been 50 years since the Dolphins last won a Super Bowl, and it was right here in Houston.

It happened at Rice Stadium (What!?) against the Minnesota Vikings. Impress your friends that you know this. Here’s what happened.

The Dolphins are known in South Florida for a fight song that always stirs up a debate, if you bring it up in Houston. Here it is. 

Sound familiar?

Seasoned readers (that means older) will notice that it sounds like the old Oilers fight song. Compare! 

Not that it matters, but the Miami version came first. Good thing we don't need it anymore.

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