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Houston Texans

Vandermeer's View: 2016 Texans predictions

Wins and losses are one thing. But what about some of the other elements of the season? Here are my annual Texans predictions for entertainment purposes only. If you take this info to Vegas and use for prop bets I will deny I ever wrote this stuff.

1. Team Touchdown Pass Record Broken
OK, those who follow this stuff know that I said this last year (and God Bless you for following this stuff). Four quarterbacks later, I was wrong. However, they did tie the all-time team record at 29, so I pushed! That's right, your Texans have never thrown 30 TDs in a season but it says here that the milestone will finally be reached with these new weapons.

2. Andre Hal makes a serious bid for Pro Bowl invite
It's only his second year as a safety and third overall yet he led the team with four picks last year and there will be a lot of opportunities for more in 2016. The pressure the Texans get up front will be a big boost for anyone in the secondary seeking turnovers and Hal is so often in the right place at the right time.

3. Brock Osweiler will throw for the second most passing yards in team history
The top number is from Matt Schaub with 4,770 in 2009 (how did they not eclipse 29 TD passes then?). Last year, Osweiler threw for nearly 2,000 yards in seven starts on a team that liked to run the ball. His pace was for 4,500 yards so I'll take a chance on him beating the 2nd place total from 2010 of 4,370.

4. Jadeveon Clowney gets double-digit sacks
He had 4 ½ in 13 games last year. But once he got the first one and broke the seal, the pace was 4 ½ in eight games. Now that 21 months have passed since microfracture surgery he's good to go for his best season. He looked confident and effective in his two preseason appearances. It's time.

5. Texans post winning record in prime time games
They have five of them and two are at home. It's going to be tough but do you know what else is going to be tough? Winning in the division. Jacksonville and Tennessee are tired of being road kill for the Texans and Colts. If Houston is going to have the kind of season they want, winning on the big stage is key. So I'll push in my chips and hope that even if they spilt the prime time showcases at home (Colts, Cincinnati) they somehow grab at least two of three on the road (Denver, New England, Raiders in Mexico).

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