Watt and Foster high school recruiting rankings

College football's National Signing day is here. Names like Kyler Murray and Cordell Broadus (he's Snoop Dogg's son...or is it Snoop Lion now?) will be front and center and the fax machine is just happy it gets used once a year.

But, the five-star ratings don't always tell the full story.

Here's an example...from the state of Wisconsin in 2007. The number seven player in the state of Wisconsin...JJ Watt. A two star recruit. The guy is the best defensive player in the world and the analysts thought he was no better than the 7th player in his own state out of HS.

Also, take a look at who was three spots ahead of him. That's right, Brandon Brooks. At least the HS recruitniks noticed the talent with Brooks, I'll give them props on that one.

Here's another one...the 2004 all-purpose running backs in the nation.

Recognize ANY of those names? Don't think any of them played in the NFL, that I can remember. Oh wait, let me go down a little further…

Bingo, No. 22! There's one I know...Arian Foster. The 22nd ranked all-purpose running back in the nation in 2004.

4x Pro Bowler, 2x All-Pro running back.

The experts don't always get it right, I proved that last week, but it'll be fun to look back at this National Signing Day class of 2015 and see which two/three star players become decorated NFL stars, like JJ and Arian.

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