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Weekend in Indy | Daily Brew


The NFL Scouting Combine is in full bloom (is that a good way to say that?) and everyone is talking about what a former Texans coach used to call the 'Underwear Olympics.'

Besides the workouts, maybe even more importantly, the team-player interviews take place. We had plenty of conversation with Nick Caserio and DeMeco Ryans on the subject.

You can check out what the head coach had to say here

John McClain has spent over four decades covering the league and was at the very first combine, when there were just a handful of writers waiting to catch up with players in a hotel lobby.

I've gone a little link crazy but there's so much to sink your teeth into. The next few weeks are packed with activity.

The league year begins March 13 but plenty of free agent info will seep out before then. And the Texans have over 30 free agents they need to either resign or replace.

Stay tuned!

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