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Wild week of waiting and watching | Daily Brew

My editor will get mad at me if I make another Tom Petty "The Waiting" reference regarding any Texans or NFL news that we are anticipating.

But, ha, I've got a new one! "Anticipation" by Carly Simon is perfect as we endlessly scroll our phones and stay glued to SportsRadio 610 for breaking news. Or how about "Patience" by Guns and Roses?

Editor's Note – That does it, Vandermeer. No more dated song references! Millennials want to hear about artists they know! Like, how about "Waiting" by Zhavia?


Anyway, this week is always filled with news, drama, hope and reaction. If you're like me, you're charging your phone twice a day. Is anyone really able to focus on work?

Actually, there's a significant slice of the fan base that's not working because each year, the NFL seems compelled to tie the start of free agency and the league year to the same week as the kids are out for spring break. Believe me, I'm not complaining, I'm just stating facts.

I can't be alone in this. There must be countless GMs, players, agents and media who have the same issue.

The fam is certainly used to me having my phone basically attached to my body but, during free agency, it's an extra organ. I never let it get too far away. If I leave it on a table and wander across the room, I start to feel its gravitational pull. I've refreshed Twitter so much the screen is looking up at me as if to say "Really!?"

One time we were at Disney World during free agency week and wanted to take the Avatar ride at the Animal Kingdom. If you're familiar with the wait time, you already know the endurance test you must undergo to experience the five minutes or so of virtual reality thrill-seeking that awaits.

The Disney app said the wait was three hours. I sent the rest of the family to different rides while I began the wait in the long line. I didn't care. My phone was juiced, I was reading free agency tweets and bothering John Harris. The family rejoined me with 30 minutes to go. When we got to the entry point, VanderKid II, then 6, suddenly got cold feet. "What?!" I made him go.

This year there's been even more suspense. As far as free agents go, Nick Caserio is certainly taking significant steps to construct a competitive roster and set up a solid draft-plus-free-agency recipe for getting this team back in postseason contention.

Pardon me, I have to get back to scrolling. I do take time off of that to do Texans All Access with Johnny each night from 6-7 on SportsRadio 610. But who am I kidding? We're scrolling during that too.

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