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Texans 365 FAQs

How much does Texans 365 cost me?

Nothing! As a Season Ticket Member, you automatically gain access into Texans 365.

Will my Texans Bucks card expire after the 2021 season?

NO. If you have funds left on your Texans Bucks card after the 2021 Season, the funds will roll over to the 2022 and will not expire until 1/31/23.

How do I participate in In-Game activities?

If you are interested in participating in one of our In-Game contests on gameday, please let your advisor know! We can get you on the waiting list.

How do I get to hold the flag?

If you are interested in holding the United States Flag on gameday, please let your advisor know! We can get you on the waiting list for an upcoming game.

Do I get a discount at the Houston Texans Team Shop?

Yes! All Season Ticket Members receive a 30% discount at the Houston Texans Team Shop during normal Houston Texans Team Shop hours and on Gameday at all retail locations. Click here for a how-to guide.

Can I purchase merchandise with Texans Bucks?

Yes you can, please click here for a how-to guide.

Do I get a discount on the Houston Texans Online Store?

Yes! All Season Ticket Members have access to a 20% online discount at Shop.HoustonTexans.com. Please reach out to your advisor or our service team for the code.

How do I know who my Membership Advisor is?

If you are unable to locate an email from your Personal Membership Advisor, give our office a call at 832-667-2002, and we can get you in contact with your Advisor.

How do I stay up to date with STM information?

Throughout each month we send out an e-newsletter call "STM Insider". This email will house up-to-date information regarding the team and your Season Ticket Membership.

How do I purchase Gameday Tailgate Passes?

You may purchase up to (10) Tailgate Passes per Game. In order to purchase, please call 832-667-2002, option 1. NOTE: Tailgating Passes will be Physical Wristbands, not mobile.

How do I secure a parking pass?

Only Season Ticket Members can secure season long parking passes. If you are interested in adding a parking pass to your account, please call your advisor or service team at 832-667-2002.

What is the Ticket Swap Program?

The ticket swap program allows you to switch out tickets for a game you are unable to attend for another game during in the season.

  • Account must be paid in FULL before you can swap tickets.
  • Must swap tickets 45 days prior to gameday.
  • Cannot swap more than 4 tickets per game.
  • Preseason games can only be swapped for the other preseason game.
  • Due to variable pricing, you may have to pay the difference if swapping tickets for a higher priced game.

Currently, you are unable to swap through your account manager. Please call your Membership Advisor or our Membership Service line at 832-667-2002; option 1 to swap tickets or ask more questions.

What does Priority Upgrade Opportunity mean?

This allows current Season Ticket Members the opportunity to relocate or upgrade their seats first.

How do I receive my birthday discount?

First let us know which month your birthday falls in by calling, emailing or filling our surveys. Once we have your birthday noted, we will email you a 50% off coupon at the beginning of the month for you to use at the Houston Texans Team Shop.

How do I receive my discount at concessions on gameday?

This offseason, a personalized QR Code will be generated specifically for you. This QR Code will live in your Houston Texans App and on gameday you will show this to staff member taking your order to receive your Season Ticket Member discount.

How do I get invited to exclusive events?

As a Season Ticket Member, you will automatically be invited to our exclusive events. Please make sure you keep an eye on emails and information about upcoming events throughout the year!

How do I get free access to Battle Red Ladies, TORO's Kids Club and other fan club events?

When you sign up for a Fan Club event, make sure you note you are a Season Ticket Member and include your account. This will be our way of verifying you are a Season Ticket Member and do not have to pay the entry fee for that event.

How do I get access to the NFL Membership Club including NFL+ Premium?

As a Texans Season Ticket Member, you are automatically enrolled in the NFL Membership Club. This gains you free access to NFL RedZone and NFL+ Premium once the regular season kicks off. An email is sent with your personal code. If you need that code, please reach out to your Membership Advisor or our Membership Service Team at 832-667-2002; option 1.

What is Variable Pricing?

All Season Ticket Memberships are variably priced, meaning different prices are assigned to individual games within your season ticket membership to best reflect the value & expected demand of that particular game.

You can review your ticket prices through your Houston Texans Account Manger by viewing your ticket details online or through the Houston Texans Mobile App.