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Tailgate Guidelines | Houston Texans -

Tailgating Guidelines and Policies

The Houston Texans not only allow tailgating, we encourage it! We want NRG Stadium to provide the finest tailgating experience in the NFL, so we have established a few guidelines to make your tailgating party great:

  • All Parking lots (except for Platinum – 5 hours prior) will open 4 hours prior to kickoff.
  • All parking at NRG Stadium will require a purchased parking pass; it is recommended to purchase in advance but cashless parking will be available in the Yellow and Maroon lots for $40.
  • All parking passes (except Platinum) will be mobile.
  • Parking is first-come, first-serve for the first hour; saving spots will not be allowed. If you would like to tailgate near friends, please arrive together.
  • Tailgating will be limited to one 8'x 16' parking space for each valid parking pass, and must not cross over into the drive lane designated by the blue lines down each aisle.
  • One parking pass = one parking space; you must have the correct number of parking passes for your tailgate setup.
  • Postgame tailgating will be permitted for (1) hour following the conclusion of the game. At that time, lots begin to close and all vehicles must leave property.
  • The use of "Unmanned Aircraft Systems"(UAS) or "Drones" and other remotely controlled aircraft or ground vehicles is strictly prohibited at NRG Stadium and NRG Park. Anyone possessing or operating such devices at NRG Park is subject to confiscation of the item, removal from NRG Park and possible legal action in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws.
  • RV's, buses, and oversized vehicles will need to purchase a minimum of 2 parking passes and need to park in the designated RV areas in each lot.
  • If you plan to extend sides or set chairs outside of your RV or Bus you will need parking passes in addition to the ones for the space that will be used by you vehicle.
  • For safety, fans may not stand, sit, or congregate on the tops of vehicles, buses or RV's.
  • Generators that create excessive noise or harmful fumes are prohibited. (As determined by Texans staff.)
  • Barbecues in tow will also be required to have an additional purchased pass. You will not be allowed to buy one at the gate.
  • No Music system speakers may exceed 18" tall and 12" wide
  • Music speakers may not produce sound greater than 68 decibels in accordance to the City of Houston sound ordinance Sections 30.1-30.9
  • No Pets of any kind are allowed at Houston Texans games except, certified service animals
  • The Houston Texans do not allow the charging of admission for access to tailgate parties or the solicitation of cash for goods or services within the NRG Stadium parking lots; this includes but is not limited to tips, donations, or payment for food, beverage, merchandise, promotional products.
  • Liquid charcoal starter or other flammable liquids are strictly prohibited. Charcoal may be started with an electrical starter designed for this purpose or quick starting charcoal is recommended. Open flames are allowed but all barbecue pits left unattended must be extinguished.
  • Ash containers, trash containers and port-o-lets are located in each lot. Hot ashes, cinders, smothering coal, or other hot materials must be disposed of in the Orange dumpsters only, and trash must be disposed of the in the Green dumpsters only.
  • For safety purposes, all tents, chairs, etc. must be put away before entering NRG Stadium.
  • In order to ensure the safety of our fans, no golf carts, Segways, motorized coolers, skateboards, bicycles, or large balloons will be allowed for use by fans in the parking lots.
  • NRG Stadium and the Houston Texans do not grant the right to display advertising, banners or signs, or distribute promotional items on property. Fans may be asked to remove inappropriate banners or signs. No promotional activity is permitted at NRG Stadium or in parking lots.
  • All cooking equipment shall be situated away from crowds, buildings, vehicles or combustible materials. A minimum clearance distance of 3 feet is required, and a minimum class 2A-10B:C fire extinguisher with a current service tag is required at each cooking area.
  • LP-gas cooking appliances shall be UL listed and approved for use. LP-gas cylinders shall be secured in an upright position to keep from falling and positioned to prevent impact from vehicle traffic. Portable generators are not to be filled while running and fuel must be in a UL listed safety can (2 gal. max).
  • Any violation of the fire safety regulations will be subject to citations being issued by the City of Houston Fire Inspector.
  • For any further information regarding these guidelines or any other questions on the day of the game please call 832-667-1400 or text our text line number at 832-241-0202.
  • The Houston Texans reserve the right to revoke the season parking pass of those who do not comply with these guidelines.