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A Texans-Astros connection, Slurpees and more | Daily Brew


Good morning.

Remember: all Daily Brews with me are cold. I don't wanna screw around with a hot drink and have to wait for things to cool down so I don't burn my tongue. That's why it's an iced coffee and LET'S GO!!!

This am we have a hometown connection between the Texans and Astros, it's the eve of a pretty big day in our country and on the 2023 squad, and we also have a chance to put Bobby Boucher and Chewbacca on the same football team.

But first...we're just 15 days away from the start of Texans Training Camp, and 31 days away from the preseason opener at New England.

Last night the Major League Baseball draft began. The Astros took University of Nebraska shortstop Brice Matthews. The Texans connection: he was the quarterback at Atascosita High School while Texans guard Kenyon Green was blocking for him on the O-line there. Really cool to have to players from the same high school team get taken in the first round of a draft by hometown franchises. Their head coach, Craig Stump, was obviously proud about it.

If you missed it last week, we put up a piece about quarterback C.J. Stroud. He impressed teammates and coaches alike during May and June. Stroud was signing autographs and taking pictures at a store opening this weekend. He caught up with Aaron Wilson and had some cool things to say about what's ahead and what sort of connections he's made with his receivers.

Also, tomorrow is July 11. Free Slurpees at 7-11...and it's tight end Dalton Schultz's birthday. In my interview with him a month or so ago, he shared how he was named after the "Road House" character Dalton. Houstonian Patrick Swayze (Rest in Peace) played Dalton, and in between my interview with Schultz and today, he watched the movie for the first time.

Speaking of movies, in terms of what he was accomplishing on the field, Adam Sandler's Bobby Boucher is the greatest football player in a movie, ever. "The Waterboy" was a topic of discussion in our latest "Texans In the Lab" podcast with John Harris. We had fun with this conversation.

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