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Bill O'Brien, Texans on benefits of work vs. 49ers

The Texans leave for northern California on Thursday.

On Tuesday, head coach Bill O'Brien described the tentative plans for the team's work versus the 49ers.

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"We'll go against each other on Friday, and then Saturday we're still kind of talking about," O'Brien said. "More than likely, Saturday would be separate. Walkthrough, separate."

The two squads square off Sunday evening in the preseason opener. Seeing a new set of players in practice, though, will be big for the Texans.


"**Now you get a new team, new schemes, different tempo, different vibe, you're also able to see their roster, they're able to see your roster," O'Brien said. "There's 90 guys out there and not everybody can make the team, so that has a lot to do with it – evaluating both rosters. It's just a good chance to get with another team and try to get better."

For veteran cornerback Johnathan Joseph, the trip west is a welcome change.

"It gives the guys a chance to go out there and study other guys," Joseph said. "Being against a fast, up-tempo offense, it tests your conditioning also so there's another big factor."

Off the field, O'Brien said he thinks the trip is beneficial in numerous ways as well.


"You're able to go away now for four days to San Francisco, get in the hotel, get out of Houston for a few days, get together as a team, meet, eat, compete, do all those things together and just talk football," O'Brien said. "I think there's a lot to that, there's a lot to the word 'chemistry', and I think that helps the chemistry of the football team."

The Texans practice against Washington for three days in Richmond, Virginia last August. In 2014, they spent part of a week in Colorado working against the Broncos before their preseason contest in Denver.

When O'Brien and company return from the game versus San Francisco, they'll practice next week with the New Orleans Saints at the Houston Methodist Training Center.


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