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Breakfast: DeAndre Hopkins intended to...




It was all set up perfectly for DeAndre Hopkins.

The Texans receiver had a celebration plan if he scored.

In the fourth quarter of Sunday night's Pro Bowl, Hopkins caught a 7-yard strike for a touchdown from Jameis Winston. It went down as smoothly as snap, throw, catch...but Hopkins deviated from the celebration plan at the last minute.

"We had a Sharpie under the goal post," Hopkins said. "But I wasn't sure if it was under there or not. So

I didn't want to go under there and get something that wasn't there. So I took it back to my high school days like I used to do all the time."

The Pro Bowler, who finished with 71 yards on three catches, elevated for a windmill dunk. Had he found the Sharpie, he explained his intentions were noble.

"I was going to sign the football and give it to a fan," Hopkins said.

Long snapper Jon Weeks was the other Texan in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, and he missed the display.

"I didn't see it," Weeks said. "I was busy getting ready to go get an extra point in. But I'm assuming if 'Hop did it, it was somewhere betweeen a 7 and 9. There's always going to be a little room for improvement."

Hopkins, Weeks and Team Irvin won the game by a 49-27 final.


WR DeAndre Hopkins represented Team Irvin in the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium.

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