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Breakfast: J.J. Watt "pardons" popular podcast


J.J. Watt and a popular sports podcast buried the proverbial hatchet this week.

Watt agreed to do a full-length interview with the hosts of "Pardon My Take" if they could raise $50,000 for his charity, the J.J. Watt Foundation. The Texans four-time All-Pro defensive end briefly appeared on Monday's podcast to make the announcement.

"I do agree to it and if the award-winning listeners attack it with the ferociousness that they attack everything else that you do, it will be fantastic and raise a lot of money for a good cause," Watt said.

Watt was referring to his excessive mentions on Twitter encouraged by Pardon My Take. The Barstool Sports podcast created the "Uhh Hey J.J." hashtag that listeners used regularly to enthusiastically tease Watt on Twitter.

The hosts agreed to travel to either Houston or Wisconsin for a sit-down with the three-time AP Defensive Player of the Year after reaching their charitable goal. According to the PMT's Go Fund Me page, listener donations surpassed the $50,000 mark later that afternoon, in just two days.

"It's after-school athletics for middle school kids in underprivileged areas so we take schools that don't necessarily have the funding," Watt said of his foundation. "Some have had budget cuts, some schools that don't even have teams, some don't have gyms, don't have fields and we provide them with opportunities to play sports and give those kids an opportunity to compete and have a good time with their teammates and learn all the things that sports can teach you."

J.J. Watt--from his time as a Texan back to his Wisconsin Badger days--is featured here in photos.

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