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Breakfast: John Harris' weekly draft mailbag


Okay, this is going to start out as my weekly draft mailbag, but this one went a little sideways thanks to yours truly.

Q: @BigPileO
"Would you rather draft an O-Line in the 1st that will play immediately, protect Savage & RBs or draft project QB that won't help us get to goal?"

A: I feel like, uh, BigPileO, BPO for short answered his own question. I don't think he really wanted an answer as much as he was screaming at me  "DO YOU AGREE WITH ME?" I do actually and feel okay saying that out loud.

Q: @romsho
"I don't know what the Texans will do in the draft, I just know we're in the heart of disinformation season…"

A: True dat. I just saw Aaron Rodgers walk through our building. (Editor's note: HE'S KIDDING)

Okay, I had a few more but I'd had enough of answering questions, so I started asking the questions…well, after I responded to one of @JMcDev's tweets of our buddy and my office mate Jesse Clark visiting Machu Picchu in Peru with a backpack the size of Conroe. I guess you had to be there. Okay, to the questions.

Q: ME - Pandora just played Boyz II Men on the New Edition channel, which begs the question, in their prime, either Boyz II Men or New Edition.

People were more adamant on this one, no matter which way they leaned.

"Not even a contest." GIF of New Edition.
Yeah, Bruce likes GIFs. I'm cool with that though.

"New Edition...not a question"
But, I made it a question, Nick. ANSWER THE QUE...oh wait, you did. Sorry.

My buddy Danny Vera @heydannyv
"Easy, New Edition gots moves."
No doubt choreography was in NE's favor, but no one could rock matching 90s pastel cardigans, shorts and flip up glasses better than Boyz II Men. NO ONE...well, except for Kadeem Hardison in White Men Can't Jump. "WE GOIN' TO SIZZLER, WE GOIN' TO SIZZLER"

"Has to be Boyz II Men. They are amazing!!!"
They were, but New Edition had the BET docu-series, though. Boom, roasted.

Jay @Jayoff288
"If you combined all their top songs, New Edition wouldn't have 2 of the top 10. Even New Edition still jams Boyz II Men."
Boyz II Men had the Terrell Davis short period of complete dominance while New Edition was like Emmitt Smith consistently great for a longer period.

"There is no Boyz II Men without New Edition. No brainer."
True, but that's like saying LaVar Ball is better than Lonzo Ball because, well, without Pops there is no son. I know you all know who LaVar is by now.

"Color me bad."

So, on that note, there was seriously no consensus but still very fun to read your answers. I'll try to mix in some either/or questions on my timeline going forward. Have a great Easter weekend or just a great weekend, my friends.

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