Breakfast: NFL Great Draft

The 2015 NFL Draft will take place at the end of April and young 20 somethings will become instant millionaires. It's one of my favorite weekends of the year, in large part because I love drafts. I will watch the NHL draft for hours. My friends and I used to spend hours doing drafts of all kinds growing up. So, I figured why not do an all-time NFL draft.

Here are the guidelines - take the current 2015 NFL team, 2015 NFL draft order and mock draft an NFL great (think 1970s through current day) for that team...minus ALL quarterbacks. That's just for the degree of difficulty. I'll consider the draft needs of each team and slot the best non-quarterback for each team. Let the debate begin…

1. Tampa Bay Bucs - LT Anthony Munoz, USC - the Bucs OL was abysmal last year and a rock on the left side to protect future star Jameis Winston is needed.

2. Tennessee Titans - OLB Lawrence Taylor, North Carolina - the most talent deficient team gets THE edge game changer in the league.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - RB Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State - Blake Bortles needs some running game help and Sanders always ran behind a slightly above average OL so he can make lemonade out of lemons.

4. Oakland Raiders - WR Jerry Rice, Mississippi Valley State - Derek Carr to Rice for about 145 catches a year? Raiders fans will take that.

5. Washington Redskins - DE Reggie White, Tennessee - 3-4. 4-3. No matter, just take the most dominant and versatile DL and let him free in the NFC East.

6. New York Jets - RB Eric Dickerson, SMU - explosive, home run hitter who complements the speed of Percy Harvin on the edge.

7. Chicago Bears - DT/NT Joe Greene, North Texas - The Bears DL was abysmal last year so Greene steps right in to create mayhem up the middle for Matt Stafford, Teddy B and Aaron Rodgers.

8. Atlanta Falcons - DE Bruce Smith, Virginia Tech - JJ Watt had more sacks than the entire Atlanta Falcon defense last year. That changes with Smith on board.

9. New York Giants - ILB Mike Singletary, Baylor - I considered Ronnie Lott here considering the fact that Antrel Rolle is a free agent. But, Singletary solidifies the run defense in a division dominated right now by Dallas and Philadlephia.

10. St. Louis Rams - S/CB Ronnie Lott, USC - former Jeff Fisher teammate is the perfect fit in an athletic defense that needs a voice, a leader, a hitter, a physical presence. Lott's just right for STL.

View photos from Monday's workouts at the NFL combine.

11. Minnesota Vikings - CB Deion Sanders, Florida State - I thought about a left tackle here, but facing Stafford, Rodgers and the good Cutler, it's a must to take Prime Time. Then, he can return punts too.

12. Cleveland Browns - WR Randy Moss, Marshall - If Moss keeps it clean and Josh Gordon can return after suspension, the WR corps goes from subpar to Hall of Fame worthy in a heartbeat. That said, those are big ifs, but great fit here.

13. New Orleans Saints - OLB Derrick Thomas, Alabama - Rush the QB. End of story. DT could do that all day long.

14. Miami Dolphins - WR Michael Irvin, Miami - the former Hurricane stays home and gives Ryan Tannehill a stud WR in a no-WR stable.

15. San Francisco 49ers - CB Mel Blount, Southern - a 6'1", 205 lb. press man cover CB in SF? Yes please.

16. Houston Texans - CB/S Rod Woodson, Purdue - in the secondary, he could do it all. His versatility and return skills would fit perfect in Houston.

17. San Diego Chargers - LT Jonathan Ogden, UCLA - just a shade behind Munoz as the best I ever saw. Perfect piece to protect QB Philip Rivers.

18. Kansas City Chiefs - G Larry Allen, Sonoma State - had internal War Room battle over this one, but Jamaal Charles won out and wanted the best guard, arguably, in NFL history.

19. Cleveland Browns - TE Tony Gonzalez, Cal - Moss, Gonzalez, a healthy Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel - it's a dream in Cleveland!!!

20. Philadelphia Eagles - RB LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU - With LeSean McCoy on his way to Buffalo, Tomlinson would fit so perfectly in this offense, I'd love to see it.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - G Alan Faneca, LSU - the Bengals have two guards on the roster currently. A former LCHS homeboy (like the author), Faneca was a stud in Pittsburgh and will be a HOF soon.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers - LB Junior Seau, USC - let him loose in Pittsburgh at either inside or outside, it doesn't matter to me.

23. Detroit Lions - CB Champ Bailey, Georgia - see thought process for the Vikings - if you face Rodgers, Bridgewater and the good Cutler, better have a cover CB like Bailey.

24. Arizona Cardinals - RB Walter Payton, Jackson State - The Cardinals RB situation could use an upgrade for sure.

25. Carolina Panthers - WR Cris Carter, Ohio State - Cam Newton has the tendency to spray it so he needs a guy with a huge catch radius, not to mention Carter, the player, would be a solid mentor for Newton.

26. Baltimore Ravens - S Kenny Houston, Prairie View - the Ravens safety position has been a disappointment lately, but Houston is a ball hawk who would pile up picks behind that front seven.

27. Dallas Cowboys - DE/DT Howie Long, Villanova - not sure where exactly to play him or what scheme fits best, but his relentlessness is needed on this DL.

28. Denver Broncos - MLB Ray Lewis, Miami - I'm a little surprised he's still on the board, but the Broncos need help in the middle. Uh, yeah, this fits.

29. Indianapolis Colts - DT Cortez Kennedy, Miami - I thought about Warren Sapp here but if I'm Chuck Pagano, I want to be more stout in the middle and 'Tez could play up and down the line if needed.

30. Green Bay Packers - LT Walter Jones, FSU - How do you open holes for Eddie Lacy and keep Aaron Rodgers upright? Jones.

31. Seattle Seahawks - WR Terrell Owens, Chattanooga - I can't get past the enduring image of Ricardo Lockett getting knocked off the ball in the Super Bowl. That isn't happening to TO.

32. New England Patriots - RB Thurman Thomas, Oklahoma State - best run/pass multi-threat on the board. It's amazing to think what the numbers he would pile up in this offense...and he'd finally get a ring.

So, debate all you want and I know you will. This was fun.

Texans analyst and radio sideline reporter John Harris unveiled his top 100 prospects for the NFL Draft. (Photos courtesy of AP)

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