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Breakfast: R.I.P. box jumps and tire flips?


J.J. Watt is known for his MVP-style play on the field during the season.

In the offseason, he's known for his insanely high box jumps and massive tire flips.

Since his season-ending back surgery last year, the three-time AP Defensive Player of the Year has had a lot of time to evaluate both and is making some changes.

"I had a lot of time so I dove into the research behind everything and understanding how you can do certain things without putting yourself at risk," Watt said Monday. "So I've grown as a person. I've learned a lot. I've really talked with so many people and we've kind of created a program and a plan where I can get the results I want without necessarily putting myself at risk in those situations. It's been good. I've had a lot of help from a lot of great people."

Watt's goal is to continue to play at a high level, without increasing his risk for future injury. In 2016, Watt missed 13 regular season games and both postseason contests, after not missing a game since high school. He's been since cleared by his doctors for all football activity, but may still have to limit his overall reps during the season.

"When you really think about it, football is a game of uncertainties," Watt said. "You go out there, you don't know how you're going to have to twist and run and turn. You can't really control what happens on the field. What I can control is my workouts."

Watt may still incorporate his tire flips and box jumps into his workout program, or maybe he won't. For now his goal is to work out smarter, not necessarily harder.

He'll save that for game days.

J.J. Watt--from his time as a Texan back to his Wisconsin Badger days--is featured here in photos.

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