Breakfast: The top QBs of the Harris 100

NFL Draft season is now upon us.

Starting next week with the NFL Scouting Combine, the future of college football's incoming draft class will be analyzed, editorialized and scruitinzed by the NFL media. Football fans will become all too familiar with hand sizes, forty times and broad jumps, as a battery of physical tests awaits the mass of players headed to Indianapolis for this must see event.

Here at, the research began over a year ago. Texans analyst John Harris unveiled his 'Harris 100' last month, an in-depth look at the top college players in the nation. The Harris 100 also includes a database of an additional 400 players, giving you a scout's eye on every player you'll hear about over draft weekend.

Quarterback is the glamour position of the National Football League, and this class has its fair share of needle movers. In Harris' original list, only three quarterbacks were listed among the top 100. Those signal callers are below, along with Harris thoughts on each prospect.

3. Jameis Winston, Florida StateRS Sophomore6-4, 228 lbs.

-- Physical characteristics NFL teams desire
-- Accurate at all levels...does "sail" deeper intermediate routes - a lot of those throws fly away from him as his elbow dips slightly
-- Incorrectly reads zone/man
-- Slow starter, nearly dominant in the second half…awkward at times vs. rush…patient…high FB IQ
-- Throws receivers open by throwing to open spots, anticipating a receiver to be in the area…much less accomplished 2014 season…top three pick talent, but off the field issues will make him the most polarizing prospect in quite some time, including last year's hype on Johnny Manziel.

6. Marcus Mariota, OregonJunior
6-4, 215 lbs.
-- Smooth athlete…plus arm
-- Durability concerns prior to 2014 campaign…throws well on the run…dangerous on the move…a bit frenetic in the pocket…goes through progressions but often too quick to allow a route to develop
-- Smart and high football IQ…former Oregon coach Chip Kelly said he can adapt to any system, any time…played the last half of the 2013 season with a knee injury…fought through it but injury affected his play…gained 15 pounds in the 2014 offseason and it didn't hamper him
-- Won 2014 Heisman Trophy…should be, and will be, in the discussion for the first pick in the draft

65. Brett Hundley, UCLA
6-3 222 lbs.
-- Smart to return for 2014…sprayed it for most of 2013
-- Has all the physical attributes - size, arm strenth, speed and quickness…intermediate passing game needs a ton of work/consistency
-- Thought more about NFL seemingly than 2013 season and it showed…has thrown and/or run for a TD in every game as a starter
-- Much better overall season in 2014…took too many sacks though and started focusing more on the rush than keeping his eyes downfield…case in point, he was sacked ten times v. Utah and he shared in the blame for many of them
-- Completed 69% of his passes but went to his legs a bit more in the second half of the season

Texans analyst and radio sideline reporter John Harris unveiled his top 100 prospects for the NFL Draft. (Photos courtesy of AP)

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