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Breakfast: What's uncatchable for Hopkins?


There is no shortage of highlight-worthy catches by DeAndre Hopkins, whether it be in games or in everyday practice. In the short time that quarterback Brock Osweiler has begun working with the Pro Bowl wide receiver, he's already developed an appreciation for Hopkins' impressive catch radius.

"Hop is a very unique wide receiver," Osweiler said Monday. "He's a wide receiver that you love to have on your side. With him, I don't know if there is anything that's really not catchable as long as you put it in bounds. That's very comforting as a quarterback. He's always saying 'just throw it up, I'll go get it.' As a quarterback, you love hearing that."

When asked what he thought about Osweiler's opinion of anything in bounds being catchable for him, Hopkins seemed genuinely surprised.

"I mean, I'm only human so I don't want to hype – no, but put the ball in my (vicinity), hopefully I'm going to come down with it," Hopkins said. "Nine times out of 10, I've done that. It's on Brock to trust me to come down with the ball and him not having any worries and not thinking. Just giving me a chance."

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