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We're almost there. The annual multi-day job interview of hundreds of draftable prospects gets going next week in Indy. And Nick Caserio and the Texans staff are ready to further sift through the crop.

I get asked all the time about what our crew does. We don't watch too much on-field stuff in person. I've sat through some drills and you're really not missing much by not being at that particular part of things in person.

It's kind of like watching track and field or a golf tournament in person – there's a lot to follow and sometimes the focus of a TV camera along with some commentary makes it easier to follow. NFL Network does this well.

Yet there's plenty of other things to take in while you're covering this. The coaches and GMs all speak (ok, most speak. Sometimes some mentors skip the media area. Like a certain coach who leads a team that lives close to where Paul Revere took his famous ride).

The top prospects get behind the microphone. Memorable press conferences in recent years include Johnny Manziel and Manti Te'o. There was a time when you might be able to interview a player one-on-one on his way out of the building, like I did with Teddy Bridgewater. Or sit down for a talk, like I did with Derek Carr.

This is an unofficial convention. Coaches, GMs, scouting personnel execs, assistant coaches travel by the dozen to Indy. You bump into former team employees all the time.

The agents are here too. You see them at the restaurants entertaining their coaching clients and whoever else wants to come along. You get the notion that some very big things are often being discussed.

This is the last scheduled year for this event to be in Indianapolis. The future is uncertain. As much as we love to spar with division opponents, there's no denying that the city that houses the Colts is the perfect place for the Combine.

Also everything is connected through a huge convention center, making the weather a non-factor. There's not much else to do but work.

We'll be there next week, getting you all the latest. We'll talk with Caserio and Lovie Smith. We'll hear from the prospects and the national and market media. We'll have Texans All Access Tuesday through Friday at 6 p.m. from the belly of the beast. We'll go live on digital each day and give you all the pertinent info.

Stay tuned.

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