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Delving into Denver Week | Daily Brew


We're way past the expiration time on the 24-hour rule. You should be over the loss to the Jags by now. No? Ok, we understand. You need some perspective.

Remember, your Texans are in playoff contention. If I told you this would be the case back when the journey began, you might have suggested I seek medical attention. But this team is right in the thick of it. I wrote about where we are at in the moment.

The Broncos are suddenly ferocious and opportunistic. They don't overwhelm anyone but they take the ball away to the tune of 15 in their last five games, all wins.

They started off so poorly they were becoming a punch line. Miami blew them out by a thousand points. That's ancient history. They are the hottest team in the league and they're coming to your house.

John Harris and I discussed this with DeMeco Ryans during his Monday radio show. Although Johnny and I have 'faces for radio,' the coach doesn't, so check this out.

Monday was busy. The team signed veteran Defensive End Derek Barnett and welcomed back Denzel Perryman. Drew Dougherty recapped some import items in less time than it takes C.J. Stroud to run a late first half field goal drive. 

One more thing. Yes, we're looking ahead. But it's always a great read to check out how John Harris interprets the events of a game. There's no one in the market, or maybe the country, who writes like Johnny. Here are the hits from the Jags game. 

Get ready, because as big as last week was, this week is even larger. As I wrote in the blog, this time of year the games amplify in importance. Six to go and three are at home. Your tickets are available right here on this site. Enjoy the ride.

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