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Don't get soft, cut some hair, Haywood Jeffires & more | Daily Brew


Happy Friday. Happy Daily Brew time.

We're about six weeks away from the start of training camp, and eight weeks away from the preseason opener at New England.

-DeMeco Ryans and the Texans are finished with what they thought was a productive offseason program, and he outlined the major goals for his players during this break.

-Speaking of training camp, our guy John Harris dusted off the old "Ultimate 11" talking point of his and listed 11 Texans he's intrigued to watch during training camp.

-Voice of the Texans Marc Vandermeer still insists on calling his articles 'blogs', and his latest compares the ending of minicamp this week to a cliffhanger.

-I often get asked if the Texans will retire #80 for Andre Johnson, or #99 for J.J. Watt. They won't. But they also aren't going to hand that number out again soon, if ever. In this article by Matt Young of the Houston Chronicle, Team Chairman/CEO Cal McNair and Houston Texans Foundation Vice President Hannah McNair discussed why.

-The Watt content this week has been a lot of fun. I liked this tidbit from his former teammate, tight end Owen Daniels. Don't leave'em hanging!

-Remember: you can always catch 'Texans All Access' LIVE from 6-7 weeknights on SportsRadio 610 am, here on Texans Mobile App. But if you miss it live, we got you. Click HERE.

-Harris and I talked yesterday about four reasons the Texans are better, right now, than they were in 2022. We also wrapped up our podcast with the question below...


-Longtime KHOU-11 Sports Anchor Butch Alsandor posted the Tweet below with former Houston Oilers great, Haywood Jeffires. Cool photo, and Haywood still looks like he could pull in a touchdown or two. I'm not sure...scratch that...I AM sure there aren't enough Jeffires highlights on YouTube. Somebody needs to work on that. But here's a fun one about his 1991 season. This one is an awesome diving touchdown grab of his at Chicago.

-I'll finish with this bit of gold: Special Teams Coordinator Frank Ross is also a skilled hair cutter. Check out what he did recently...

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