Enemy Intel: The Chiefs are talking about the Texans

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes on Texans QB Deshaun Watson: "Deshaun and the Texans are a great football team. There's a lot of great talent around him and he makes a lot of big plays in big games. I think I said something to him last year at the end of the game, that we're going to have these battles for a long time. We're two opponents in the same conference in the AFC, so I'm sure I'll see a lot of games against him."

Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo on Texans WR corps: "The biggest challenge is we don't really know who the go-to guy is. We kind of knew that last year – whether that was good or bad, I don't know – because he was pretty good. It sounds and feels like they're going to spread the ball around, which means we're going to have to deal with a bunch of them. They've got some speed over there. We know what (Will) Fuller is like, and then (Brandin) Cooks they added to the mix. I've always felt Randall Cobb was a good football player. Without any film to go off of, not really showing where they're headed in terms of what they're going to put out there, but we're going to have to figure it out quick. That's part of the chess game in the first game of the season. Even when you have the preseason games, there are still a lot of things you have to figure out."

Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu on Texans WR corps: "They're still a talented group. I think with or without DeAndre, I think they have the ability to wreck a football game. There's still a lot of speed out there. They removed Hop but they brought in (Randall) Cobb, who is a veteran, who I'm sure is going to possess some of the same traits DeAndre possessed. Hop was able to come to the line and tell his receivers if it was Cover 2, man-to-man, or Cover 4, it kind of helped the other receivers play fast. They're still a dominant group. I think it's going to be a tough challenge for us."

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on Texans defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver: "Anthony Weaver is a heck of a football coach, was a heck of a player, and now he's having a chance to coordinate. So, as there is with every first game, there's some unknown. I think they'd probably tell you the same thing. But you go in and you've got to stay true to what you do and be able to execute—both sides of the ball and special teams—knowing that there could be a wrinkle here or there."

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