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Free agency wellness check | Daily Brew


I listened, watched and scrolled all day Monday before getting on the air at 6pm to discuss day one of the so-called legal tampering period. Yes, the league year doesn't start until Wednesday at 3pm central, but this race starts well before the starting gun gets fired.

There's enough news to throw your timeline into an eternal feed of fresh info, giving you the feeling of never being able to catch up. I once took the fam to Disney World during free agency and enthusiastically volunteered to solo-wait in the three hour Avatar line, just so I could scroll endlessly.

Most of the local media and fan reaction on social media Monday was way too sky-is-falling for me. Give this a couple of weeks before you see what the actual haul is. Then remember that several key players to last year's division-winning season came to us during camp and during the season.

Day one saw no local acquisitions that would lead Sports Center, but look within. This broth is being made carefully. And they won't get every ingredient they want but they don't have to serve the dish until September.

I opened Texans All Access saying that I usually don't freak out about anything until week four of the regular season. That's when you might know how things are working.

Seth Payne pointed out on Sports Radio 610 Tuesday that last year, the Broncos and Commanders were declared winners of day one of 'legal tampering.' How did that work out?

I remember feeling good about what the Texans did last year. I thought it was great to pick up Case Keenum. I knew Dalton Schultz could play.

Jimmie Ward was definitely going to be a huge plus. And obviously there were many more. But those acquisitions took some time.

Yes, there are very real needs the Texans have. They went into this needing to acquire over a couple of dozen players. Let Nick cook.

I love that the fans and media are so plugged in and excited. You want passionate reactions. You want people to care deeply. We've been treated to such much football euphoria lately.

Remember key numbers like seven, three, 24, 12 and 51. These guys, and many more, are all here and will be ready to do damage when the lights go on. When it's time to eat.

It's hard to be patient. But is there anyone thinking that this squad isn't going to be coming out ready, guns blazing, come week one?

That was a rhetorical question. Until then, keep scrolling. Go Texans!

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