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As Houston gets itself through 'Deep Freeze '24' consider this as all of us 'taking one for the team.'

I mentioned this on Texans Monday. If the Texans are going to play in cold weather (and it'll be anywhere from 20-28 degrees in Maryland Saturday) then they need to prepare in cold weather. So, we're all suffering while they benefit from the prep. It's a more-than-fair trade. As long as your pipes don't freeze.

Everyone is going to go back to the first game with the Ravens as an indicator of how this one might go. It was 7-6, Ravens, at the half. The Texans didn't know who they were yet. C.J. Stroud had played a couple of handfuls of snaps in the preseason and was baptized in the Ravens' nest. And he did fine, for a rookie debut.

In a matter of weeks, he would make it clear that he could be historically good. And now we know even more. Not that playoff wins are a quarterback stat but he has just as many postseason victories as Lamar Jackson. But no one is saying Jackson isn't great. He's seen a top seed slip away before and he's not interested in squandering this one.

The drama starts at 3:30 Saturday. I get asked how you can hear the hometown radio call and watch the game. Easy – just ask your home Big Brother listening device (Alexa or that Google thing) to play Sports Radio 610 in Houston and you've got the audio. Now, sync up your DVR with the call and you've got like-minded friends describing the action while you watch on TV.

While you're warming up – here's what the head coach had to say about that and the week ahead.

We're suddenly only four days away. Before you know it, it'll be time to eat crab cakes and see the Texans attempt to go further than they've ever been.

Is it Saturday yet?

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