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Hijacking the Brew to Rant | Daily Brew


Allow me to hijack the Daily Brew to make some points of a personal opinion. These don't necessarily reflect those of the organization.

Let's start with this – check out the Titans website. It's so important to them to troll hard that they are basically changing the name of their team back to the Oilers for this one. 

Their app has 'Luv Ya Blue' emblazoned on it, complete with a picture of DeAndre Hopkins. I know I'm just playing into their hands by drawing attention to it, but I don't care.

I wasn't born in Texas but 'got here as fast as I could,' as the saying goes. I moved here when the Texans began. This isn't my fight. Yet, the Oiler DNA, the Houston sports history blood has spliced with mine and I feel the emotions of the longtime fans who react to the Titans going retro.

I really like so many of the people who work for the organization, like my friend and voice of the Titans, Mike Keith. He was on Wednesday’s Texans All Access and I asked him plenty about the uniforms and the local reaction in Nashville. 

If I'm a Titan fan in Tennessee, I have to be thinking something like 'why do you keep showing me pictures of your ex-husband? You left him, I thought we were good. Yet you keep longing for him.'

Doesn't it seem like that?

Look, I'm happy for ex-Oilers who get honored by the organization they played for, like Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson, who will go into their Ring of Honor this week. But Johnson played over half of his career in Atlanta. The Falcons visited the Titans this season. Wouldn't that have been a better day to honor him?

I was in the Titans stadium when they honored Elvin Bethea. Most of the locals know more about Elvin Bishop than Elvin Bethea. None of this makes any sense. I even wrote a song about this when I was a host on Sports Radio 610. I'd play it here but I don't want to shatter glass or disrupt birds' migration patterns.

The players are probably too young to care about any of this. We'll play up the narrative as they play on the field. It's up to the boys in Deep Steel Blue to honor the feelings of those in H-Town who want to make a statement about their memories belonging to the locals.

For a complete scouting report on Tennessee, and more on roster construction and digging deep to find the right mix to get a win, here's Exec VP and GM Nick Caserio's visit with us.

I can't wait for GameDay. The Texans are as banged up as I've ever seen them but they're ready to rock. It's a pivotal game with enough storylines for two Netflix series. Let's go!

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