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The Titans are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel


Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel on the Texans offense: "They're tied for first in explosive pass plays. That's a huge challenge. I think the guys that are rushing obviously play a part in that as well. You can't just sit there in one coverage. They do a nice job mixing in the play-action game. And being able to move the quarterback in different spots."

Titans Defensive Coordinator Shane Bowen on question marks over who starts at QB for Texans: "For me, it's a little bit of a challenge. I just really don't know how much schematically they're going to change. I think they're still going to be running the ball. Have the play action. Have the shots down the field. Some of that stuff's going to show up. But we've got to make sure we know their skillsets and their strengths and weaknesses.

Vrabel on the difference in Texans offense if it's a QB other than C.J. Stroud: "I would imagine that the concepts are somewhat similar. But we'll have to go about defending them, whoever's out there, and how explosive they've been and everything that they can do."

Vrabel on Texans Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: "They're sound. They play fast. They play physical. They attack. It'll be a great challenge to be able to block not only the front but the linebackers that run and flow fast. They've got good safeties. Good tacklers. A very good special teams unit, obviously. And we know how well the offense has been playing.

Titans Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly on Head Coach DeMeco Ryans and the energy with which the Texans defense plays: "I think it's evident when you turn on the tape. The way that he has that defense playing. They're flying around. They're playing really, really fast. You can sense the energy that they play with. Just take a peak at their sidelines when you're watching the tape."

Titans Running Back Derrick Henry on the Texans Defense: "I think they're a really good defense. I think they fly around. They're fast. Physical. They've got good penetrators on the D-line. They're good in the back end. I think they're a solid overall defense. You've got a 'Bama boy DeMeco, juiced up and fired up. So they've been playing very good."

Kelly on the familiarity with Texans defense from his time in Houston: "(DE Jonathan) Greenard's playing really well. (DT) Maliek (Collins)'s still playing at a high level. There's some players there that I have some familiarity with but other than that, not much."

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