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It's finally here: Draft week AND new uniforms week | Daily Brew


It's here.

Draft week is upon us.

The new uniforms get unveiled tomorrow.

In the midst of both, the current players continue with offseason conditioning.

This is easily one of the most important offseason weeks in the history of the franchise.

Let's begin with the new threads. There have been some leaks, so Texans Chair/CEO Cal McNair "addressed" some of those leaks late last week.

If you missed it on YouTube, or on ABC-13/KTRK on Saturday night at 10:30, here's a recap of how the Texans went about changing the uniforms.

How about the NFL Draft? The Texans currently don't have a first round selection, but they have nine picks from the second through seventh rounds. Here is where they pick.

Also, I got a chance to talk with comedian Jenny Johnson last week. She's originally from Bay City, Texas, and she's a longtime Texans fan. Now, she's doing standup at places like the Comedy Store and The Improv in Los Angeles, and she frequently tours around the country as well. I really enjoyed catching up with her, and had an awesome time talking Texans and comedy with her. You can listen below...

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