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J.J., C.J., Tank and Terrible Towels | Daily Brew

Unless you've been in the federal witness protection program, you're likely aware that the Texans are putting J.J. Watt into the Ring of Honor on Sunday on Legends Weekend, Presented by Ford.

There has been much talk this week about the greatest Watt moments and memories. Why not get some from a player who was on the Texans before he got here and is still on the Texans as J.J. gets immortalized?

Last week I was raving about C.J. Stroud's press conferences. After his first win I'm trying not to get carried away with my excitement about what he's bringing to this team. But you know me. I can't help myself. He’s constantly trying to get better. It shouldn't be a shock that he's gotten his first league honor.

Stroud will have to deal with a tough Steelers front on Sunday. Let's get a Pittsburgh profile from the Voice of the Steelers, Bill Hillgrove. If you want to know about the team and the city from which it hails, this is a must-listen. Hillgrove talks about his time on the team charter that had to make an emergency landing on the way back from last week's game at Vegas. He also tells the story of the origin of the Terrible Towels.

How about the Steelers coaches and players? They shared their thoughts on Stroud, DeMeco Ryans, Will Anderson, Jr, and more this week.

Finally, Deepi Sidhu was pumped about her new podcast studio set. But she was even happier that Tank Dell was the first guest to appear. Dell is electrifying the fan base and torched the Jags D last week. You'll learn something right off the bat in this video about his name – Nathaniel. By the way, I'm definitely going to be borrowing that studio.

Enjoy the weekend. This is one of the most special home game regular season GameDays we've ever had. Here's to making it a great one.

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