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Juneteenth, Father's Day and more | Daily Brew


It's a glorious Monday in H-Town. The sun is shining, the temps will likely crack the century mark, and most importantly, it's Juneteenth.

More on that in a moment.

We also have some 2023 Regular Season travel tips, courtesy of Texans Voice Marc Vandermeer...AND..."Texans 360" this weekend dove deep into the J.J. Watt Ring of Honor festivities, and also featured my interview with running back Devin "Motor" Singletary and Deepi Sidhu's interview with linbebacker Christian Harris.

Plus, yesterday was Father's Day! Hope it was a great one for all the dads. I celebrated by watching my 7-year old play baseball in the scorching heat. We also got to spend time with my wife's parents and brother, and then my parents as well. It was a great day.

Here's a brief explanation of Juneteenth, courtesy of the "Traces of Texas" Twitter account.

-It was very cool seeing Head Coach DeMeco Ryans bring his son to practice last week.

-Also in celebration of Father's Day, Team Analyst/Radio Sideline Reporter and our good pal John Harris penned this article.

-The players chimed in, too!

-As we mentioned above, Vandy thought long and hard about the 2023 Texans regular season schedule and submitted THIS PIECE about the five best road cities to visit if you're a fan this fall. I would flip-flop his #5 and his #1. But otherwise, cool article.

-Did you catch "Texans 360" this weekend? It was on ABC-13/KTRK, Saturday night at 11 p.m.. But before that, it came out on YouTube as well. Check it out below.


-Congrats to Cole Thompson, who among many other things, covers the Texans. He got married.

-I love it when a plan comes together. So here's a parting shot about Father's Day. Wait for it...

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