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Let's do it: Ranking the Texans jerseys


The future is here.

In April, the Houston Texans will unveil new uniforms and the next wave of football history will happen in brand-new threads.

With all that in mind, we must rank the jerseys from the Texans' past.

These ranking are un-scientific, but based on how the team performed in them, how fans felt about them, and, most importantly, how much I liked them!

You will likely disagree, and that's fine.

But this is our ranking, and we're going to roll with it. Please share YOUR rankings with us.

1. Battle Red jersey

With all that out of the way, here we go: the Battle Red jersey was the best.

Houston didn't debut those jerseys until November of the 2003 season, which was the franchise's second year. Every year after, the Texans would wear the Battle Red once, or twice, and sometimes three times per season. The fans loved them, the players loved them, and the team wound up wearing all three color pants in conjunction with the red tops at least once. (I was partial to the white pants/red tops combo, with the red helmets, personally.)

2. Color Rush jersey

It's a bit of a minor upset, but not really. When they debuted on Thursday Night Football in Week 2 of the 2017 season, fans were pumped to see these. The NFL started having teams wear Color Rush unis the year before in 2016 on Thursday nights, but the Texans' game that year was at New England. The Patriots color rush scheme was similar, so Houston had to wear the standard Liberty White tops that evening. But the next season, at Cincinnati, the Texans wore the Color Rush outfit, upset the Bengals on the road, and did quite well in those unis the few times they wore them for the next for seven years. In 2023 at home against the Cardinals, they added a red helmet to the Color Rush jerseys and pants and had a super clean look. And they won.

All-time, they were 5-2 in that combo. That .714 winning percentage is far-and-away the best mark of all the different combos the Texans have worn.

3. Deep Steel Blue

The O.G. of Texans jerseys, it's been worn at NRG Stadium and on the road quite a bit when the home team went with white. Interestingly enough, the first regular season appearance of this one didn't occur until Week 2 of the inaugural season. The Texans were in the Liberty White jersey for the 19-10 franchise-opening win over the Cowboys. But the next week, Houston was in blue at San Diego, and the Chargers left them black-and-blue after a 24-3 dismantling at Qualcomm Stadium. Quarterback David Carr was sacked NINE times...yes, NINE times, that one, and the Chargers took a 14-0 lead and never looked back.

4. Liberty White

The standard road jersey of the Texans, this also looked best with the Liberty White pants. Running back Arian Foster called that combo "The Icy Whites", and typically the team wore that duo at home to start the season. However, it was fitting that the first game in franchise history was in the white tops and blue bottoms, and the last game in which they wore those unis was at Baltimore in the playoffs.

So what do you think, Texans fans? Agree with the rankings? Disagree? Tell me YOUR ranking as we prepare for the new uniforms to drop!

The Texans have worn some great uniforms in some big games. Here are some of the best shots featuring all of the Texans uniforms.

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