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Now that the draft is done and the initial waves of free agency have passed, it's time for the offseason program to kick in, in whatever way it can.

Bill O'Brien told us on Texans Radio that he was set to start it off with a Zoom call on Monday and take it from there.

"We're excited about that. Obviously I wish it could be face to face but it can't, so this is the next best thing." He said.

"The goal is to make sure when we do get back together that the new players understand what we're all about."

Usually, the rookies would be coming in next week for a camp, then assimilate with the veterans. With no in-building baptism for now, it's crucial that everyone can get on the same page quickly when the team can actually return to NRG Stadium.

O'Brien says the rookies are in for a fast indoctrination and it starts with doing a good job with the technology they have now. "It's going to be a big transition for them. The virtual part of it at least gives us an opportunity to see them. We can show film…we can be eyeball to eyeball with them in this kind of atmosphere. I feel like we can get a lot done."

We've heard all the stories about players working out in their garages, or together, with distancing, in some cases. At least it's a relatively level playing field with the rest of the league.

Nothing beats being at your facility with all the gear, food, fields and support. Let's hope the players, coaches and all of us, can get back to our work routines soon.

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