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NFL changes rules; 1 was proposed by Texans | Daily Brew

The NFL has changed some rules. One of those changes was proposed by the Texans.

The NFL Annual Meeting is wrapping up in Arizona. On Tuesday, the league announced several changes, which are all listed HERE.

One difference in 2023 will be to "expand the Replay Official's jurisdiction to allow for review on failed fourth down attempts."

General Manager Nick Caserio proposed that change, and Team Chairman/CEO Cal McNair explained why it was a "pretty close to unanimous" decision.

"It makes sense, because typically you go to commercial break after a failed fourth down," McNair said. "So, you have time to do it. It doesn't add to the overall time of the game. We're always trying to do things to make the game fair and get all the calls right."

Every year at the meeting, the rules committee tinkers with rules and bylaws. Several proposals get voted down, some make it through, and others get tabled for a decision at a later date. The Texans' proposal sailed through, according to McNair.

"This one was voted in with a high degree of affirmative votes," McNair said. "It was 8-to-1 in the committee. So, it was a strong recommendation."

A few other notable changes involved jersey numbers and roster cutdowns.

Also, there will be just one roster cutdown in the preseason. Following the final preseason game, the 90-man roster will get trimmed to 53. Last season, the roster cut went from 90 to 85 in mid-August, and then from 85 to 80 one week later. The cut from 80 to 53 came after the final preseason contest.

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