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Texans players guest-host 'The Bachelor' group date at NRG Stadium | Daily Brew

Jon Greenard and Kamu Grugier-Hill watched from the sidelines, coaching up a group of women trying to score touchdowns and roses, all in the name of love.

With the 26th season of 'The Bachelor' underway, the Texans defensive standouts made a cameo appearance on Monday night's episode, which featured NRG Stadium as the backdrop for the traditional Bachelor Bowl. The high-stakes group date pits two teams of competing women against each other in a game of tackle football. The winning team earns extra time with Bachelor Clayton Echard while the losing team returns home defeated and sad.

Greenard and Grugier-Hill had never watched the reality dating show, now in its 26th season, but seemed right at home (literally).

Echard, a former NFL player, kicked off the date with a tailgating party in the Blue Lot. After some grilling and a game of cornhole, Echard welcomed Greenard and Grugier-Hill, who explained the rules of the date.

"Obviously, if you want to win this man's heart, you've got to embrace what he loves," Grugier-Hill said.

"So we're not playing two-hand touch flag football, any of those things," Greenard said. "We're playing real-life tackle football."

And there was plenty of tackling, served with a side of vengeance as the women did whatever it took to win and settle scores. After competing for the same man and living in the same house, The Bachelor Bowl is also usually ripe for drama and in-fighting. This episode was no exception, especially since no referees were officiating.

"There is bad blood out here," Palmer said when Shanae and Sierra continued to land unsportsmanlike hits on each other.

Palmer, a former Bachelor and ESPN analyst, along with Houston native Hannah Storm, provided the play-by-play commentary. TORO was also on the date cheering on both teams.

In a game of purple unis vs. blue, Greenard led the Purple Punishers while Grugier-Hill coached the blue team, Shrimp Stampede. A blue team player practiced her receiving skills in the locker room and missed all of them, a bad omen for Grugier-Hill's crew.

Meanwhile, Greenard lucked out with star player, Marlena, who ran track in the 2012 Olympic games.

"Coach Jon Greenard is having to huddle up with his team to explain how defense works," Palmer said after the purple team celebrated a touchdown, not realizing it was a dead ball.

Both Texans players did see their team making defensive plays. Grugier-Hill's team had an interception and a fumble recovery. However, Greenard's squad finished the game with a pick-six, a 21-0 victory and a ticket to the after-party with Echard.

The new season of 'The Bachelor' released an episode with TORO and Houston Texans players Kamu Grugier-Hill and Jonathan Greenard.

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